的 Idaho LAUNCH grant program aims to prepare Idaho’s students for Idaho’s workforce needs. Idaho LAUNCH provides grants for education and training programs.


Get 80% of your tuition and fees covered,  $8,000, to pursue your degree or career certificate starting fall 2024. This incredible opportunity is brought to you by the State of Idaho with their innovative program Idaho LAUNCH. 这是最好的部分 任何爱达荷州的高中毕业生都有资格! Don't miss out on this chance to launch into your dream career!

菲律宾十大网赌网站程序s for the Idaho LAUNCH program open Oct. 3日至2024年4月15日. 高中生 强烈建议尽早申请. 首次申请是 由于11月. 30, 2023.



To apply for Idaho LAUNCH, qualified students will use the Scholarship Idaho application. This is a combined application for Idaho students to apply for Idaho LAUNCH and other State of Idaho scholarship and grant opportunities.


  • Idaho LAUNCH is a grant program that provides students a one-time opportunity to have 到 80% of the tuition and fees at an eligible institution covered, 最高限额为8美元,在3年的时间里,有1万多人死亡. With approximately 75 million dollars available for Idaho LAUNCH funding, it is possible for this program to offer between 9,000和10,每年奖励5万!

Students can receive 到 one-half of the initial grant award in the first year of a program. 然而, for programs that are less than 12 months in length, students can use the full awarded amount (80% of tuition and fees 到 $8,1万英镑.

  • Idaho LAUNCH application opens: October 3
  • 首次申请截止日期:11月30日
  • Contingent Award letters sent by: December 31, March 31 and May 31
  • Idaho LAUNCH application closes: April 15

  • Graduate from an Idaho High School or equivalent
  • 成为爱达荷州居民
  • Be enrolled in or have applied to an in-demand career program 在LC州立大学
  • Begin enrollment by fall Semester after graduation
  • Complete a Career Pathway Plan or equivalent
  • Review the approved list of eligible in-demand careers
  • Grant funding begins with fall 2024 enrollment

爱达荷州启动基金可以帮助资助 很多项目 在LC州立大学. 的 current list of approved careers has been provided by 下一个步骤.

  • 会计
  • 行政医疗助理
  • 菲律宾十大网赌网站会计
  • 汽车机械技术
  • 行为科学
  • 生物信息学
  • 生物学
  • 工商管理
  • 工商管理 (Associate's Degree)
  • 工商管理: Healthcare Management Emphasis
  • 商务与沟通
  • 业务信息
  • 企业管理
  • 化学
  • 数控加工技术
  • 碰撞修复技术
  • 沟通的艺术
  • 计算机信息技术 & 安全
  • 计算机科学
  • 创意写作BFA
  • 网络安全
  • 网络安全管理
  • 柴油技术
  • 儿童早期发展
  • Electrical Apprenticeship (must be a current apprentice)
  • 小学教育
  • 工程技术
  • 工程技术:土木
  • 英语:出版艺术
  • 消防科技
  • 健身
  • 食物 & 饮料管理(证书)
  • 前厅部管理(证书)
  • 通识教育:商科
  • General Studies: Early Childhood Education
  • 通识:教育
  • 图形通信
  • Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology
  • 酒店管理
  • 酒店管理: Culinary Arts emphasis
  • 酒店管理: Hotel/Resort emphasis
  • 工业电子技术
  • Industrial Electronics: Electronics 工程技术
  • Industrial Electronics: Instrument Mechanics Technology
  • 工业维修/技工
  • 工业维修/技工 Technology
  • 司法学(副学士学位)
  • Justice Studies: Corrections and Human Services
  • 司法研究:法律与法律制度
  • Justice Studies: Policing and Law Enforcement
  • 运动机能学:教练
  • Kinesiology: Exercise Science/Health Occupations
  • 运动机能学:健康 & 健身
  • 运动机能学:运动研究
  • 法务技术(证书)
  • 法律事务助理
  • 市场营销
  • 营销管理
  • 医疗助理
  • 医疗会计/编码员(证书)
  • 医疗接待员(证书)
  • 医学转录(证书)
  • 运动心理学
  • 护理BSN
  • 护理管理 & 领导
  • 包装设计(合格证)
  • 包装设计协会
  • 律师助理
  • Para-Professional教育
  • Plumbing Apprenticeship (must be a current apprentice)
  • Pre-Dental卫生
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • 前期
  • Pre-Fisheries
  • Pre-Forestry
  • 法律系的
  • Pre-Medicine
  • 职前治疗
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • 前物理治疗师助理
  • Pre-Physical疗法
  • Pre-Physician助理
  • Pre-Veterinary医学
  • Pre-Wildlife生物学
  • 专业写作
  • 放射学(AS)
  • 中学教育:生物学
  • 中学教育:化学
  • 中等教育:传播艺术
  • 中等教育:地球科学
  • 中学教育:英语
  • 中等教育:运动学
  • 中学教育:数学
  • 中等教育:自然科学
  • 中学教育:心理学
  • Secondary Education: Social Science-History
  • 社会工作
  • 特殊教育
  • 体育运动管理
  • 体育营销
  • 体育传媒研究
  • 网页设计 & 社交媒体
  • 网页设计(证书)
  • 网页设计与开发
  • 焊接技术

LC状态 财政援助办事处 is available to help with your Idaho LAUNCH questions.




步骤1: 申请刘易斯-克拉克州立大学

步骤2: 申请爱达荷启动资助

步骤3: 成为一名战士!


This scholarship is offered to Idaho residents who will graduate from an Idaho high school and plan on enrolling as a full-time student. 欲知详情及申请,请浏览: /Awards学金

This scholarship is offered to Idaho residents working towards their first undergraduate degree who have earned at least 24 postsecondary credits but have not attended a postsecondary institution within the last 24 months. To find out more information and apply, visit: /Awards学金

This scholarship is offered to Idaho residents who are a graduating senior of an Idaho high school may be eligible. Students must plan to enroll as a full-time student and be participating in GEAR UP. To find out more information and apply, visit: /Awards学金

This scholarship is offered to Idaho residents who will graduate from an Idaho high school. 学术 or Technical students enrolled full-time could be eligible. 2分的学生.8 cumulative GPA and who demonstrate high commitment to public service should apply. To find out more information and apply, visit: /Awards学金

This scholarship is offered to the spouse or children of a full-time Idaho public safety officer who was killed in the line of duty while working for the state of Idaho or the spouse or children of an Idaho resident that has been classified by the federal government as a prisoner of war, 行动中失踪, or killed in action or died of injuries or wounds sustained in any area of armed conflict in which the United States is a party could be eligible for a tuition waiver while attending an Idaho college. To find out more information and apply, visit: /Awards学金

This scholarship is offered to Idaho residents who have graduated from Emmett High School and are enrolling full-time may be eligible for this scholarship. To find out more information and apply, visit: /Awards学金