Ordering 成绩单

Graduates will receive a free copy of their Official Transcript with their Diploma. 请参阅我们的 毕业后的页面 欲知详情.

Official 成绩单:

Option 1: National Student Clearinghouse

Log-in to the National Student Clearinghouse at getmytranscript.com. Electronic transcripts are typically sent out within 30 minutes of order placement.

Some institutions may not accept electronic transcripts. Please reach out to your receiving institution before submitting your online transcript order.

Option 2: Transcript Order Form

使用我们的 Transcript Order Form. The form may be emailed, faxed, or delivered to our office. Paper transcripts are processed within 5 business days.

  • 电子: $10.00-$11.00 - Via the National Student Clearinghouse. Payable by credit card. Sent via email to receiving institution of choice. 额外的2美元.50 processing fee applied at checkout.
  • 标准: $10 - Payable by cash, credit card, check, or money order to LCSC. Processed within 5 business days.
  • 急纸及传真: $25 - Processed within 24 hours. Only processed on demand prior to 1 p.m. Check with the receiving college/organization to determine if they will accept a faxed transcript as official.
  • Express Paper: 35美元 - Delivered overnight via FedEx. Only processed on demand prior to 1 p.m.
  • International Express: $50 - Delivered overnight. Only processed on demand prior to 1 p.m.

访问我们的 交通指南 to see how credits may transfer into LCSC. If a specific course is not listed, an evaluation may not be created yet, but may still transfer. Please contact the 注册商's office or visit our 常见问题页面 for more information.

For questions regarding credits transferring into LCSC, contact the 注册商's office, (208) 792-2223.

If transferring to another college or university, contact that institution for transfer equivalency inquiries.

Unofficial 成绩单:

A copy of your unofficial LCSC transcript may be obtained through your WarriorWeb, free of charge. This may be used by other institutions or agencies in order to determine eligibility for programs.

You may also choose to pickup a copy of your unofficial transcript at the 注册处 for a small fee.

The 注册处 does not mail or email copies of unofficial transcripts.

Unofficial Transcript Instructions


格 成绩单 are housed with the Adult Learning Center. 请访问 格.com 订购一份.


  • Your LCSC transcript will not contain lists of courses from other institutions.  It will show the name of the institution and the number of transfer credits accepted by LCSC.
  • Copies of another school’s transcripts cannot be released by LCSC. To obtain a copy of your transcript from your high school or another college/university, you must contact that school.
  • Transcript requests will not be processed unless all financial and other obligations to the college have been fulfilled.
  • Please specify if you need your request to be held for current semester grades, 度, 级变化, or if you are expecting a grade change.